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gives us such transferrable clues. You never have to tell a tree how tall to grow. You just give it room and it will perform to its upper limits - and that is a great model for us. You can re-learn some behaviors to start operating at your very best. This is your season to get back in the game - Click below to start the journey back to your natural excellence. 
Getting in S.H.A.P.E. is a unique system that will help you take a current snap shot of where you are and then adjust accordingly so you can start feeling good again. After our analysis, you can decide which area you want to master first: 
   Sleep/Stress    ~    Hydration    ~    Alkaline Living    ~    Purpose    ~    Exercise/Energy 

Areas of Concentration


Two major cornerstones of ultimate health. Maximize one and minimize the other - but how? Join me to learn tactics to understand and master these key components.  


Alkaline water running through your body to cleanse, restore, detoxify. There is a smart way to do this right at home. Learn the & quantity of quality of what you should be taking in daily.   


Clean, restorative, nutrition dense eating takes care of your body - but what about the toxic people and events in your space - how do you handle them? 

It's a terrible thing when your mind says, "Go" and your body says, "No"!


Driving without a destination? That will get you nowhere slowly. Thoreau said that most men lead lives of Quiet Desperation - learn how to not be one of those men.  


Your body was designed to MOVE. Smart movement creates good energy, strong bones and flexibility. Learn to move skillfully to get the best resuls.


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Discovery Session

Set up a Complimentary Coaching Session today to discuss what areas you want to improve, adjust or refine. This private one on one interaction is a telephonic assessment, valued at $69. CLICK HERE NOW to get on my calendar.

Meet Coach Kim

As a former US Army Officer, I know how to help people stay on course and meet their objectives. Learn more about me and my style, by CLICKING HERE.  Email me at to receive tools to Rate Your Shape in one of the areas above. It's best to know your start point before seeking to make progress. 

The Best is Yet to Come