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Creative greeting cards designed to bring out the lover in you.

The Ntyce Team

Meet the beauty and brains behind the operation.

Malena Brooks Founder / Writer

Hot, fierce, and passionate, Ms. Brooks is a published poet and spoken word artist who wants to share her sexy poetry with the world. Following one of her many performances, a member of the audience asked for her words and Ntyce Ntimate Greetings was concieved. She marries sensual verse with intimate images to share.

Amber Lewis
Creative Director

Sexy and creative, Ms. Lewis has an eye for sensuality that translates to her photography. When she says action on set, heat happens. Salacious yet tasteful is always her professional goal.  

Michael Jeffery
Photographer / Contributing Writer

This London Brit is a self proclaimed romantic soul with a warm heart, a sexy smile and a dirty mind. He weaves words to match the images in his mind and then takes aim to create with his camera.

Our Greeting Cards

Sexy. Seductive. Intimate. Provocative.



Be a part of something new, great and creative!
This is our first quarterly prose and poetry contest.

Submission Deadline: New Contest Coming Soon!

1st prize: $100
2nd prize: $50
3rd prize: $25

In addition to receiving cash prizes, the top three winning entries will be displayed on our website www.ntycegreetings.com and produced as a greeting card.

Winning submissions will also receive five printed copies of their cards. 

Please read the contest guidelines prior to submitting your entry.

Winners will be notified via email.


1. Poems can be rhyming or non-rhyming, although we find that non-rhyming reads better.

2. Be as creative as you like, push the envelope, but watch out for gratuitous profanity. We are about sensuality not vulgarity.

3. Submissions will be judged on originality and uniqueness.

4. Currently we are only accepting English-language submissions.

5. Proofread your submissions. If there’s a typo, we will assume it was intentional and it may affect judging of your work.

6. No more than 5 entries per person, per email or mailing address.

7. Submissions should be between 5 to 15 lines.

8. There are three (3) themes. Feel free to submit under each.


(Dance, Music, Sex, Romance)

Our founder is a HUGE Prince fan. When selecting this subject category, submissions should consider at least two of the four subjects from this song, this will be how the pieces are judged.

2. Anniversary

This can be any type of relationship anniversary, doesn’t have to just be marriage.  Think outside of the box, but we do need to glean an anniversary theme.

3. Picture This

What words does this image conjure for you?


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arousing sexual desire or interest, especially deliberately.

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