MC Services

DJ Chikapin specializes in MC events throughout the islands.  You'll hear her voice at concerts, festivals, races, corporate events and more.


Wedding Events

Well versed in many areas of wedding events such as Wedding Officiant, MC, Wedding Coordinator and Bridal Assistant.  DJ Chikapin is licensed to perform weddings throughout the State of Hawaii.



DJ Chikapin is featured in several audio and videography projects to include travel promos, radio and television commercials





Love FM

DJ Chikapin broke into the Honolulu scene by hosting "Aloha Weekend" on Love FM.  "Aloha Weekend" was broadcast simultaneously in both Honolulu and Fukuoka, Japan.  The program provided updates in Japanese of Honolulu events future, present, and past.


KORL 97.1
Today's J-Pop Hits!

As the host of "J-Morning" on Honolulu station KORL 97.1, DJ Chikapin charmed Honolulu commuters with her early morning broadcast in both Japanese and English.


KORL 107.5
J-Morning Saturday

It was a short run, but when KORL 97.1 changed its format, J-Morning moved to to KORL 107.5 on Saturdays and became "J-Morning Saturday".